GLASKLAR acustica is a gentle, natural cleaning system for all types of hearing aid systems, their coatings and surfaces.

The NEW solution!

The optimised GLASKLAR formula contains no perfumes or dyes, is vegan and based on 100 % pure ingredients that are found in nature and not artificially denatured. Ingredients used, for example, in the production of baking powder.

GLASKLAR acustica is made based on the unique GLASKLAR formula. The GLASKLAR team has developed the composition of the cleaning fluid to meet the special requirements of high-quality hearing aid technology.

The special atomiser makes cleaning with GLASKLAR perfect. It creates so much pressure that the GLASKLAR solution bubbles like mineral water.

Exclusively at your audiologist:
The daily care of your hearing aid systems…

…naturally mild and gentle.

Even the smallest particles can clog microphone sockets or contaminate speakers. Hearing aids are used every day.
This is why proper cleaning with GLASKLAR acustica should be part of your daily routine like brushing your teeth. Using a soft, dry cloth, you can rid your hearing aid system of dirt, deposits and wax. GLASKLAR acustica is an effective way to help maintain the function and extend the life of your hearing aid system.

We will let you in on the secret:
it’s the SPARKLING effect!
But you can tell others if you like.

GLASKLAR acustica uses the unique SPARKLING effect to clean. Under the high pressure of the special atomiser, the solution develops millions of ultra-fine, almost invisible droplets. This dislodges dirt on the hearing aid systems already while you spray the solution on, letting you simply wipe it off after with a cloth.

Nature provides the model:
The lotus plant is famous for this special beading effect. Water on a lotus leaf draws together into little droplets which then roll off, taking dirt particles with them.

With its SPARKLING effect, GLASKLAR acustica spray brings more clarity – to the daily care of hearing aid systems – naturally!

The bottles

The refillable GLASKLAR bottles made of 100% recyclable PET are produced in our own facilities under highest quality and sustainability standards –
with 100% green energy – naturally!
Available in 2 sizes for your individual needs!

„made by us“

„made by us“

The GLASKLAR bottles – only the original bears the GK stamp on the base of the bottle.

Sustainability is important to us: GLASKLAR Acusticspray® is refillable – for the sake of our environment!

At your audiologist’s, you’ll find not only GLASKLAR bottles for your daily use, but also the NachfüllBAR filling station,
where you can “refill” your bottle any time. This avoids plastic waste and protects the environment.

The NachfüllBAR:

Matching the high quality of the contents in every way is the attractive refill dispenser.
It is a champagne bottle design made exclusively in a renowned German glass manufacturing process.
You will find the refill station at your audiologist’s in one of 23 colours – shiny or matte – or you might even find one made of real wood. Naturally emblazoned with your audiologist’s logo.


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